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MARQUIS derives its name from French and it simply means European nobility, thus determining that our water pump must be of excellent quality. We try to make our product quality equal to or even superior to that of European pumps, and after 20 years of rapid development, this gap is narrowed and we give a unique interpretation to our brand name: M: modern, A: accountability, R: reliable, Q: quest, U: unique, I: innovation, S: service.

From the establishment of MARQUIS brand, we stick to the strategy of "maintaining win-win relationship with our partners", and we only fabricate MARQUIS water pump, indicating that OEM service is not available. Our products have the same quality on global market because they are manufactured by the same materials and through the same production techniques. Up to now, over 15,000,000 customers have applied MARQUIS water pumps in their work, and our product wins a good reputation in many countries as a result of the remarkable product quality and attentive service.

"High-quality life starts here" is more than a slogan, but is what we are trying to achieve.



Why use water pumps?
Water is a significant resource in human life, since it weighs 70% of human body and is replaced every 18 days. In this regard, the quality of water determines the quality of life.

However, Iraqi water facilities are destroyed by war and people need to get water with the help of water trucks. Farmers in Bangladesh suffer harvest reduction because of water shortage, and some Africans are even killed during water conflicts. When we see these tragedies, we feel that it is necessary and our responsibility to help them out by manufacturing high-quality water pumps which are affordable for customers in developing countries.

Why we try to make our water pumps comparable to European ones?
Since its foundation, MARQUIS regards European pump as its objective, and this is never changed. Although the production cost is relatively higher than that of other Chinese manufacturers, our product is much cheaper than European pumps. So, this is very attractive for customers.

MARQUIS water pumps are commonly adopted by customers in developing countries, and these people have already expressed their major requirements in water pump: robust, reliable and long lasting. In these countries, the power supply facilities are imperfect so the supply voltage is often low or instable which leads to intermittent water supply, whilst the temperature in summer is very high, even reaches up to 55ºC sometimes. Considering these, our water pumps are scientifically designed and meticulously crafted to ensure their good heat resistance (low temperature rise of motor), wide voltage range (180V-240V) and excellent corrosion resistance (applying electrophoresis to fluid channel).